Fame and Death

Fame and Death

In the year 1994, Coleman released Clinic which was a promotional single too. In the month of July the same year a radio edit version of ‘Put it on’ was released. In three months’ time the video was released for the public to enjoy. The following year, he released ‘No Endz, No Skinz’.Brian Luvar directed this single.

Lifestyle ov da poor and dangerous released in the year 1995, in the month of March. It came out at 149 on Billboard and number 22 on Top R & B/ Hip hop albums. As of the year 2000, the album sold 200,000 copies. In 1996 he was dropped from Colombia which was due to disputes with the production on the grounds of his rapping style. Big L recounts the experience as being among a bunch of strangers who did not know anything about music. Big L started working on ‘The Big Picture’ which happens to be the second studio album.

Big L had formed a group Children of the Corn along with Killa Cam, Bloodshed, and Murda Mase. On March 2, 1997 this group closed as Bloodshed died in a car accident. In 1998 Flamboyant entertainment was formed as an independent label. In 1998, Ebonics, the next single was released.

The death of Big L

One of the famous hip hop murders is that of Lamont. In his childhood, Big L was constantly involved in battles in the neighborhood. He himself saw that he would be rhyming and battling in his future. He made enemies of which one of them had caught up. Big L lies buried in the George Washington Memorial park which is in Paramus in New Jersey.

On 15th of February in 1999 on the 45 West 139th street he was shot a total of 9 times in the head as well as the chest in Harlem. Big L’s friend from childhood Gerard Woodley was arrested for the crime but later, amidst controversy he was released. The murder case remains a mystery till date. The New York police believe that it could have been a revenge for childhood act which Woodley believed to have happened. Whether it did or not is unsure.

After death

In 1999 several singles were released after Big L was murdered. Manager and partner at Flamboyant Entertainment Rich King put together ‘The Big Picture’ which featured Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Guru of Gang Starr. Recordings that were previously done, some guest emcees whom Big L had respected. Some Capella recordings were also used in this. Four albums have now been released. A documentary of his life titled as star struck : The big L story is available.

Complimented to have contributed to the flourish of hard core genre of horrorcore, he is also credited for using the compounding style of rapping. He is also credited to having a good command over the language of English. One can see that he has used several metaphors in his rhymes.

Several tributes have been made, the proceeds from which have gone into his estate. A musician who played a short life but made it rapping with style is Big L. One can see how one’s talent can help rise to fame and be remembered.